-Over here! George ran down the long side. Pike passed the ball. George went in, alone with the goal keeper. Kicked as hard as he… Mike came sliding in. Kicked him in the leg.

The ball hit the pole and bounced back. Rolled some feet and stopped abruptly. George lay on the ground.

-Penalty! Pike said. -Damn Mike! Are you OK, George?

George got up on his feet. -I’m fine. And this means we’re winning.

He went to pick the ball up up.

-That’s strange… there’s some kind of weed growing around it.

The others gathered around. It grew fast, like the hand of some kind of dirt monster coming up from the ground. It grabbed the ball, held it.

-What the… What is that? Pike said in astonishment. -It just grew up from the soil… just like that!

-It has our ball.

-Well, we need it back, George said. He walked closer, reached out towards the plant.

-Wait… Mike was too late. The plant closed its grip around George’s hand… (more)

Giant plant monster. Aak fictionspawn ink illustration

Growth Stimulation

-So, there we go! Pete put the seed in the dirt.

-Now all we have to do is wait. Miriam grabbed the watering can and poured some water over it. -In a week or so we’ll know how it went.

-I can hardly wait!

They went into the lunch room for a coffee.

-Finally we can get some decent sleep…