Congratulations, Mr Johnson! It’s a boy! …or… I think it’s a boy… oh, wait. That’s something else. Congratulations it’s a baby!

Roger looked down on the creature in his arms. It wasn’t crying. It was making a strange gurgling sound, hissing fiercely. It was green, and had a hideous mouth wide open. Sharp teeth.

Babies don’t have teeth, do they? Roger thought. 

It was the kind of mouth you wouldn’t want to get your fingers too close to. He looked at his wife.She smiled towards him, looking tired, yet immensely happy.

They took the baby home to their place, their love nest where they had made everything so cosy for the new family member.

It didn’t cry.

They put it in its bed, tucked him in. Roger didn’t say anything, and Mary seemed totally unaware of the horrible aspect of the little creature.

-Here, hold him! She said. The little monster hissed towards him, snapping its teeth… (more)