Crush Things

Albert hadn’t expected it could climb. Huge as a mountain, hard as a rock. And fast.

-Wait, he said. -Let’s talk about this!

-I don’t talk to crush things. The rock monster stopped, watching him. -I crush crush things.

The dry, hash landscape gave life to nothing. Nothing but rocks… (more)

Highway Cat Aak fictionspawn

On the Road

Something moved in a distance.

-What is that?

-Looks like some kind of cat… But it’s huge!

-Oh my God! It’s coming this way!

The cat came running down the highway. crushing and throwing cars and trailers on its way.

-Turn! Turn around! Aaaaah! Watch out!!!

Half way around a trailer came at full speed… (more)

Creatures of darkness in fear of the light.

Cherished Darkness

-The light! The light is back!

-Aaaaah! My eyes! My beautiful eyes!

Some held their arms out towards the whiteness, others ran into the shadows for safety.   Yet others threwthemselves down in submission. It burned their eyes, tore their souls with fear.

Then it was gone, once again,  as suddenly as the last time.

They waited, knew it would be back. Anxiety dug into their hearts, life became unbearable.

Kiind, the youngest of them all, always played around by the little black lake… (More)


Withered Flowers

The twilight was once again starting to light up the sky. He had been waiting all night.

“Please? he said once again, pleading begging. “Please open?”

No answer.

He couldn’t understand. The disappointment tore his soul, broke his heart. His smile was still pasted to his face, hoping till the very end. Inside he was crying.  

He’d seen her in the forest, seen her walking between the trees. Her beauty made his heart beat faster, his hands shake. He wanted her, He needed her…

The Magic Carousel

David had been at the fair all night, and it was getting dark. The clouds was gathering in the sky, and people were leaving. Rain might fall.

He walked towards the gate. He was one of the last, and the carnies were taking their stuff down.

There was a little door with lights on it on his right hand. He walked closer.

-Welcome, a figure said by the door. -Welcome to the carousel of dreams.

-But aren’t you closing?

-There’s always time for one last ride.

David went in, and jumped on a little carriage.

-Have fun! The operator laughed a wicked laugh.

The little carriage shook a bit. It took off…