Past Demons

Outside the sun was shining. Some small children were playing a game down by the park, rolling a wheel over the grass. A beautiful couple was walking by, holding hands. She could see their eyes, glimmering with love and affection.

Inside everything was dark.

They were always there. Her demons. The memories from times that should have been in the past, but never let go. Treason, terrors, fears… (more)

A man is riding through a nightmare Aak fictionspawn


Fear was twisting his soul, tearing his mind. The fear of death, though it was not his.

Lying in his bed watching the ceiling he waited for the inevitable. Madness. Chaos would finally become what it had always urged to be… (more)

Anxiety Aak fictionspawn

The Wait

He could feel the horrors in the corners, the evil of the shadows. He could feel the monster lurk, creatures run in fear.

He wanted to leave, wanted to run. He was still there.

He wanted to scream, he wanted to fight. He stayed still.

Paralysed by darkness, nowhere to flee….