Ghost Train

Night Train.jpg

Jaques was sitting in the cockpit of the train looking forward. It was late night, and he couldn’t wait to get home. Find a good movie online, and just relax until he fell asleep.

Something strange could be seen in the distance. He stood up. At first he didn’t believe it, these things shouldn’t happen. But it was. Something was coming towards them on the tracks. Another train. It had no lights. He knew it was already too late.

Marie and Jerome had gotten a first class ticket. There was good food, and the seats was comfortable. They were sitting in front of each other. Jerome had gotten the better seat, the one facing the way they were going. An elderly lady was sitting beside him.

Finally! Said Jerome. I needed to get away now.

Me too, smiled Marie. This is going to be the best vacation ever!

Sure is. I love going on trains as well. Such a relaxing and safe way of travelling.

It’s not always safe, said the old woman. Jerome turned towards her. He had to concentrate not to laugh. Strange thing to say out of nowhere.

Why do you say that?

There was an accident here on this track many, many years ago. Said the old woman

Really? Answered Marie, ignoring the ridiculing look Jerome sent her.

Well, they say it wasn’t even an accident. She added.

What happened?

Two trains went opposite directions on the same tracks. They say it was an insurance scam. That the company did it on purpose, and they got away with it, too. Lots of people died.

That’s horrib….

Jerome fell forward. Marie’s food went flying. Suitcases were falling down from the luggage shelves.

Jaques was lying on the brake lever. Trains take a long time to stop. He was sure he was going to die.


A man was throwing coal into an oven. His body was strange, like if they were crushed, ripped to pieces and put together again.

Time seemed to stop when Jerome was mid-air. Everything was changed. The wagon. The people. The furniture was older, the seats had leather cover. The walls were made of wood. A man and a woman were sitting in front of him where his girlfriend just had been. The man had a top hat on his head. His head was crushed, skin floating in the airs as textile under water. Bones sticking out. He was smiling. The woman by his side had a white dress. On some parts. One of her thighs could be seen. It was just a bone, broken into pieces.It was a horrible sight.

Reality came back. Like when you get your head out of the silence of the water. Jerome crashed into the seat in front. Marie’s food splashed out on her dress. The woman beside them fell on the floor. She screamed. Her arm was in a strange position, broken.

The train had stopped. Jerome looked over to the rest of the passengers. They were all as confused as him. The lady with the broken arm was moaning. Jerome was helping her up in her seat.

The driver came half falling into the wagon.

Did you see the…? He stopped. Their faces were as white as his. They’d all seen it.


I guess we’ll have to get going, Jaques said after a while and went back into the locomotive. The train started slowly. Soon they were going again. No one spoke the rest of the journey.

His Grandpa’s Cabin

Out of Gas

Juan and Catalina were on their way home from Morocco. Two weeks on the road, meeting interesting people, eating delicious food. A culture so close and so different at the same time. Soon they would be home in Granada. They were tired and in love.

On the highway, somewhere close to Almuñecar, a larger village by the coast, they ran out of gas. They stopped between two tunnels, by a bridge. They called the tow truck.

They waited in the car. Other cars went by fast. It probably would be safer to stay outside of the car, outside of the highway, but Catalina already had her hand in Juan’s pants. The tow man arrived way too soon.

The tow man went out of the truck, left the yellow moving signal lights on. They explained the situation. He went over to the car, opened the door on the driver side. The lights of a big truck was seen in the distance.

It didn’t change file. It did not slow down. It accelerated.

Well, said the tow truck man. We need to… The truck took him away. Both he and the car door flew several meters. He bounced a couple of times then stopped. He was twisted in an impossible position.

The truck slowed down for a moment, as if it wanted to stop. A tank truck. It accelerated out of sight.

Catalina ran over to the body. He’s dead! She said, crying. Stating the obvious. This isn’t happening…

Juan pulled out his phone, called the emergency number.

The police arrived first. The tow man was dead, all right. One of the police officers were asking questions, the other securing the area with poles. A car arrived. La Guardia Civil, the Spanish military based road police.Then the ambulance.

Lights in a distance. A truck, going wrong way on the highway. Fast. What the… Started one of the policemen. The truck came closer.

Stop that truck! Said the officer in charge. The other grabbed a red flash light and went out in the road. The truck didn’t slow down. Juan suddenly knew it was the same as before.

Out of the road! Shouted Juan, grabbed Catalina and pulled her over the auto protection. They fell on the other side. The truck crashed into the tow truck. The tow truck smashed into the fence and over the road, taking two policemen with it. The tank truck fell over. Slid into the ambulance. The tank broke, caught fire. Exploded. It was raining fire.

Juan and Catalina stared at the inferno. Everyone was dead. This was going to be a long night.

Kill a Killer Clown

Tears of Blood


Gundersen was watching his paper factory. It was all going very well these days. They had a lot of profit. He was getting rich. Very rich.

The workers kept complaining, though. Assholes. He had built a great factory they could work in, and all they ever did was whimper. Our children are hungry, they said. We can’t afford medicines. And with the accidents lately everything were getting more complicated.

A little girl died in the paper compressor just a few days ago. He was there. The image was burned into his mind. Half her body crushed. Her face. Swollen, with one of her eyes sticking out in a strange way, blood running down her cheeks like tears. He shivered. He didn’t want to think about it. Not that he really cared, workers could always be replaced. He just didn’t want to see it.

The workers lived on the other side of the factory building. The lower administrators was on the same side as him and the rest of the leadership, but on the other side of a big fence. They couldn’t have these people running around in the important people’s neighbourhood. They belonged with the workers, but still, it was better to keep them separated to keep things in order. He didn’t trust any of them.

Lately a shadow had been seen at night. Sneaking around between the houses. Some said it was a ghost, awaken by the immense misery in the workers quarters. Evil spawned out of suffering. Gundersen didn’t know. It didn’t really matter, either, as long as it stayed on the other side of the valley.

As he stood there on his small balcony watching the factory area he saw someone or something come out from between the factory buildings, running over the bridge crossing the river. It looked human but was limping in a strange way, like it was dragging something. Moving from side to side, wiggling, stopping, moving forward again. Creepy. It was coming towards his side of the valley, and disappeared in the darkness.

He went down to tell his butler to inform the guards. The butler was not there. Martin! He said. No answer. Martin, where are you? Strange, he thought. Where could he be? He picked up the phone. It was dead. Lazy phone operators.

He went over to the front door, opened it. Darkness. Dead silence. Something moved in the shadows. Who’s there? He said. No answer. He closed the door. He didn’t like this. He didn’t like it at all.

He went back upstairs, and looked out of the balcony window. The main factory gate was open.

He heard steps in the stairs behind him. Slowly. Each step was followed by a dragging sound. Moving up towards his floor. He turned around. Hello? he said. Who’s there? No answer. Answer me! He tried to sound dominant and tough, but could hear his voice weak and scared. The footsteps stopped at the top of the stairs. He stared. There was no one there.

Silence. Fear. A figure appeared in the darkness. Stood still for a moment. Charged at him with one leg hanging behind like a fell. Screaming a scream of hate and horror. The voice of a little girl. Tonight you die!!! A twisted face. One eye sticking out of it’s socket. Tears of blood running down her cheeks. She was changed. A glow of sinister revenge had replaced the coldness of her dead eyes.

She lifted him up and pushed him backwards. She was strong. The glass door broke. They fell off the balcony. His head hit the ground. He gained consciousness being dragged through the factory gate. Help! He screamed. Somebody help me!!! The girl was laughing. Giggling. Amused of his terror.

In the noise from the paper compressor no one could hear his screams.



UFO roadkill


Mikkel and Mona had gone camping in the periurban park outside of their town. They sat down on a hill watching the stars. I’m a bit cold, said Mona. I’ll go down to the tent to get my jacket. She left.

Mikkel was sitting there, watching the sky when he suddenly saw a light.
An UFO! He laughed at himself. He didn’t really believe in that kind of stuff. But the light got bigger. And bigger. He got to his feet. It was moving straight towards h… Plan! It hit Mikkel hard. He fell over. His leg was broken. He had hurt his back, too. Pain.

The UFO stopped. It hovered in the air. Two creatures came out. They were big, almost double his size. Tentacles. Inside the crystal bubbles on their heads he could see huge fangs. On their hands they had huge claws. They came towards him. Slowly. Threatening.

Mikkel was scared stiff. They looked terrifying. They made horrible sounds. He could feel the presence of evil.

The two creatures were Wikir and Drangal from a galaxy called X290. They were adventurers, and had found earth in an old book about the the milky way, Not many Ragarboans had ever been here, and centuries had gone by since the last time. This was way off the beaten track. They where thrilled.

They had been on a round trip already. Seen the pyramids, built under leadership of an ancient king from their home planet. Seen the Chinese wall, deserts, jungle and now they just arrived in Norway to see the fjords. That’s when they had hit this creature.

Oh my slobrad! Said Wikir in despair. It’s hurt! What do we do?

I don’t know! Oh, how terrible. That poor thing! We can’t just leave it here?

It’s unable to walk. Oh, Drangal… I think we are going to have to put it out of it’s misery.

You mean… Kill It? Oh no, Wikir! No… It’s so cute!

I know.. But out here alone with it’s leg broken… it won’t survive for long.

I guess you’re right. Oh my… sniff… do it quick. I can’t watch.

Mikkel was lying on the ground watching the two monsters. They were frowning and growling. He was terrified. One of them turned away. The other picked up a big rock. Oh my god. They’re going to kill me. No, please, please don’t hurt me, he pledged, but he knew evil did not care about pleading. The monster punched the rock to his head. The first hit hurt. A lot. The other monster hissed viciously (No, Wikir, it’s still alive! It’s suffering! You have to kill it fast!) The next punch he hardly felt. When the rock hit his head the third time he was already dead.

I’m so sorry, Dramgal, said Wikir.

I don’t want to talk about it, said Dramgal sadly. Let’s go see the fjords.

Mona came out of the forest. She saw Mikkel lying in a pool of blood. His head were crushed with a rock. No.. Mikkel… No… No… No… What the hell has happened!? She sat down, knelt over him. Bottomless sadness could be heard in her sobbing far, far away.