Dark Matter

Dark Matter

Johnny woke up feeling light today. He went out, and everyone seemed to jump down the street, several meter in each jump. He was jumping, too.

Down town the sea level had entered the streets. Some people was going around in the streets with their canoe. He saw colleague Ronald.

Hey, Ronald! He shouted. Ronald saw him, came closer. What’s happening?

The office is under water. There’s no way we’re going to work today.

Why? what’s happened?

No one seem to know, said Ronald. The sea level is just… higher.

Dark matter… I can’t believe it! George was looking at the calculations on the screen.

You better! Said Martin. The calculations was clear, there was no doubt. Gravity is lowered by 50 percent, tides are rising. There’s an invisible field of gravity just outside of earth’s atmosphere… It’s getting closer.

Astonishing! George was thrilled.

When the stain comes close enough it will crash into earth, said Martin with a worried look. It’s the end of the world.

George was jumping up and down in excitement. And we’re here to see it!

Johnny was looking out of the window. Things were leaving ground. Small things at first. Leaves, newspaper, rubbish. Then sticks. Trash cans.

Just when he saw his neighbour coming home in his car, he felt his feet leaving the floor. Mr. Jacobson tried to get out, but he started floating in the air. He held on to his car, screaming for help. No one could help him. In the sky less fortunate people could be seen falling away from earth. The car started floating in the air, falling upwards.

Johnny was standing in the ceiling of his house. It was making strange sounds. It was giving in.

This is it, he thought. Now I’m going to die. The end of the world had come.

Look! Said George. It seems to swallow everything that gets in it’s way. Where do you think it’s going?

Wow, I have no idea, said Marty. He’d already forgotten to worry about the end of the world thing. This was exiting.

The moon, he said with a voice of morbid intrigue. It’s going straight into it.

The tow scientists were watching their screens in silence as the moon came crashing into the stain. A spectacular explosion of another world was seen over earth.

Johnny fell down from the roof. His neighbour to the ground. Other people were falling from high altitudes, yet others got cars and trucks falling in their heads. There was millions of casualties around the globe.

The impact had neutralized the dark matter stain, but the moon was gone forever.



A Destructive Solution



Ronny was sitting in front of his computer as he always did when he wasn’t at school. He didn’t get along with people, so the computer was his only friend.

Today it was finished, his self-evolving super-software. He didn’t have any idea what would happen when he set it free, other than just that. It would be free. He pressed enter.

Some days later a new search engine appeared. Everyone was talking about it. It was open source, and was being developed at a record speed. It was faster, better, more intelligent, and so easy to use and develop anyone could be part of it.

Some days after the same system launched a social network, superior to anything else. Easy to use, easy to change however you wanted it to be. No one knew where it had come from.

Soon it took over everything. All types of software appeared in better versions. Translators, blogging communities, news channels. The experts were scratching their heads. What was this? It seemed to be using any free space in any computer connected to the internet, and it seemed to have access to all other software.

The whole world wide web seemed to be connected to the same software. No one was in control.

Prime Minister Hansen was pulling his hair.

What do you mean we have no control of our computer systems? We need to keep Denmark going!

I’m sorry, Hansen, there’s nothing we can do. They just won’t listen.

President Joe was running back and forth.

What? There are no control of the military computer systems? What if someone attacks? Russia? Islamists?

There’s nothing we can do, sir. It seems being doing everything automatically.

The world leaders had a meeting. Everywhere the computer systems had stopped listening to people. Some argued they had to shut down all the worlds computers, even destroyed them. Others said it would be impossible. The world would stop without computers. Economy would be ruined. Yet others talked about going to war, but against who? It didn’t make sense. There didn’t seem to anything anyone could do.

Panic broke out around the world. People were shouting about doomsday, the end of the world, the rise of the machines. Any moment the nuclear attack would come. But nothing happened. Things were actually going quite well.

The software had infected pretty much every computer in the world. It had taken control of all hardware, all software and joined it together in one big hyper-computer, more intelligent than anything ever known. And it was getting smarter minute by minute.

More and more people started believing in the new phenomenon. They started helping it. Connecting old computers to the web, helping it to better it’s programs. Offering their own skills to improve the capacity, and listening to it’s advice on how to make the world a better place for everyone. Soon even governments started seeing the advantages of the computer’s advice. It didn’t only find solutions, it explained the solution in different ways so everyone understood. It knew you even better than Google and Facebook used to combined, and there were no selfish intentions behind it’s words and actions. It just wanted to help. Some groups resisted violently for a while, but solutions were soon found, and even extremists saw they were better off.

Problems mankind had been struggling with for thousands of years were solved by complex calculations. Freedom and equality were both expanding. The software let anyone who wanted take part in the process. It listened to what people had to say, made sure everyone was heard and respected. Wars, poverty, exploitation and ecologic destruction turned out to be caused by mere misunderstandings easily solved with benefit for everyone.

A new leader was born, a selfless leader who wanted only what was best for mankind, nature and the universe. A leader without the flaws of humans, a leader without urge for power.

The world went towards a better future. Every day from this day forward was better than the last one. The Software told everyone Ronny had created it. He became a great hero, and for the first time in his life he had friends, and a lot of them. Everyone lived happily ever after.

The end.



A Destructive Solution



They are beasts, said commander Johnson. They don’t use objects, they don’t speak, they don’t even seem to move. Their probably just as stupid as the animals on earth.

Not all the animals are that st… Started second commander Tracy.

Stupid animals, that’s what they are. Get rid of them.

There is a theory they have a high level of communication. The changing colours in their many eyes seem to be a form of higher communic…

They are beasts, I tell you. Humans are the superiour species in the universe. We exterminate.

Second commander Tracy wasn’t fond of the idea, but the ship had a strict herarchy. An order was an order.

Palebluishgreen watched the sky as the many spaceships came towards them on the sky. They were coming down from the great big ship they had seen circling their planet for several days now, and the days on Gringam lasted a long time.

These creatures do not come in peace, his colours signaled to his friend Darkbrown. Something has to be done.

Palebluishgreen was of the elder of the Mergam clan. He was highly intelligent, as the older colour creatures always were. He was capable of understanding most things out of observation, intuition and rational thinking. In that order.

I know, his friend answered. Darkbrown was a lot younger than Paleblueishgreen, and a lot more agile. He even moved every once in a while, and we’re not talking just moving a tentacle or two, but moving his whole body inches in one direction or another.

Somehow they are dependent of their metallic material to move effectively, said Palebluishgreen. They shouldn’t be too hard to stop. They’re obviously rather stupid, depending on material things and longing for power. Rather primitive their ways.

Without doubt, said Darkbrown. Kind of funny to watch their thoughts, though. They have an interesting belief that they somehow are superior to others.

I’ll signal the Great Greyallmostblack the situation. He’ll know what to do.

As the spaceships got into attacking position, the colour creatures all over the planet united in meditation.

They are getting ready to attack, said Paleblueishgreen. How predictable.

Commander Johnson looked satisfied. As soon as they’d wiped out life on the surface, they could get the gold and other metals in the ground. He was going to be rich.

The floor inside the ship moved strangely, bulging, as if it was soft. The walls started becoming transparent. He drew his gun, but it wasn’t really a gun, it was more of a liquid substance running out of his hand. Everything around him dissolved into thin air.

They fell naked and helpless towards the ground. Before hitting ground they stopped falling. For a while they hovered in the air. Next thing they knew they were back at the mothership.

Now what? Said second commander Tracy. All our gunpower is gone, and we have only one vessel left. Not much for a conquest, really.

Commander Johnson had a hard time looking at him. Nakedness wasn’t really his thing. He said nothing, just stood there, looking confused.

What if we try to make friends? Said Tracy after a while.

Commander Johnson sat his naked butt down in a chair. He looked like he was going to cry. He straitened his back and looked straight at Tracy, avoiding his genitals as much as he could.

Why not, he said. Why not.





Rest in Time and Space

John Argoyle stood paralysed. He was watching the grave on front of him. A tombstone. It had a name on it. His name. He and his group of space travellers were the first humans to set foot on this planet, just five minutes ago. They were the first humans to ever arrive at this solar system.

He went back to the others.

So, did you find anything? Said his commander.

He didn’t answer.

Are you OK? You look like you’ve seen a ghost.

John looked at his commander. I’m OK. No, nothing special, he lied. He was confused. Astonished. The date of his death had been four years before his birth. He wanted to tell the rest of them, but he was afraid they would laugh. He wasn’t even sure if he believed what he’d seen, and the commander always made fun of him.

Well, we have the samples we need, said the commander. Let’s get back. The rest of the crew of four, Miarim and Geroge got the equipment into the vessel. John didn’t do anything. He just stood there, looking at the horizon.

The vessel started going up towards the mother ship. Going out of the atmosphere a creature appeared. In a flash it stood in front of them, a monster of cosmic dimensions. It’s eyes lit of an intelligent glow, looking at them, examining them. They could see stars inside it’s open mouth. It swallowed the ship whole.

A moment of darkness. Then light. Then neither, or both, it was hard to tell. Time went by. A moment. An eternity.

They were moving up from the planet again. The creature was no longer there. Neither was the mother ship.

Get back down! Said the commander. Soon they were back on the ground. They turned the ship, started descending towards the ground. They went down too fast. The ship crashed.

Fuck! Are everybody OK? Said the commander.

I am, said Geroge.

Me too, said Miarim. John? John?

John was dead. A metal plate had fallen from the roof, crushed his head.

No… John. No… Miarim was crying. She loved John of all her heart. Geroge was comforting her.

We have no time for this! Said the commander. We need to find out what’s happened. Where’s that god damned mother ship?

There was no answer on the radio. No contact what so ever.

The sun was up. Time had past, but how much? They made measurements of the moons, the stars and the sun. It wasn’t the time that had past. It was them. Thirty years back.

They were stranded in the past on an uninhabitable planet. They were all going to die.

These stories inspired this one.




Wheel of Time



Ronald came out of the cinema. There was something strange in the sky today. Small lights were dancing around, and they weren’t stars. Other people seemed to have noticed as well, everyone was looking up at the sky.

He went home, turned on the news. Alien invasion, they said. Creatures from outer space had arrived to visit earth. Presidents, kings and governments all over the world told people to stay calm.  There was no evidence the creatures meant us no harm. Never the less, there was no evidence on the contrary either.

The day after the clouds were hanging high, and one could see the little spaceships. They were about the size of a little house, but they seemed even smaller. Lots of people were studying them with different kinds of binoculars. They came in pairs, and there were reports on encounters in important capitals around the globe.

Later that afternoon they came down towards the ground. Every military force on earth were put in alert. No one really knew what could happen. If they had come all this way their weapons were probably a lot more advanced than ours. War could be our doom, still the debate on whether or not we should attack first was everywhere.

The spaceships landed. The world held it’s breath. The most important moment in history was upon us. Religious leaders preached, some of doom, others of the second coming. Most of them told people to stay calm. Some fanatics wanted to destroy them all.

Ronald had taken the bus into town to see the landing. His astonishment and curiosity was stronger than his fear, but he didn’t want to go too close either. There were soldiers surrounding the ship. It didn’t seem like a good idea to Ronald, but no one would listen to him. A door opened in the vehicle.

A creature was seen in the door. It’s body were moving in strange ways, like some kind of contradictory solid liquid. It’s colour was strange, grey and changing. It raised one of it’s strange, formless arms. We come in peace, it said. We have knowledge that can get your world back on track. Technology that can solve all your….

The officer in charge lifted his hand. Said a command. A gunshot was fired. 

Liquid came out of the bullet hole in the creature. Red liquid, almost like our own blood. It fell to the spaceship floor. The door closed and the spacecraft disappeared in thin air. All of them did. They were never seen again.

In Galaxy M81 the spaceships returned home. Rombak the Spiritual Guide greeted them honourably. So, how did it go? He said.

You were right, answered Groomgnat the excursion leader a bit ashamed. Humans suck.



Monsters from space



George was working on a formula to revive dead biological tissue. Cells, basically. He had taken his work home today, he needed some peace and quiet to keep working.

He was working in his home laboratory, cleaning jars and glasses with ammoniac when he spilled some in his work. The reagents tube started boiling, releasing a strange green smoke.

Fuck! Said George. I need to get this out of here. He took the glass and opened the window running. He inhaled some of the smoke. It burned his throat. He tripled. The glass left his hand and went out of the window. Shit! He said. Well, it was destroyed anyway. He looked out. Under the window there was a pile of garden waste. Grass, sticks and leaves.

He felt a bit odd from the smoke. He went out to get some air in case it was toxic.

His garden was a mess. Rubbish all around, and the lawn needed to be mowed. He went into the garage and got his lawn mower to get the best out of the situation. The lawn mower was a gift from the company a year ago. Ramaha 3000 turbo. The best there was.

The lawn mower was great. Smooth and powerful. The noise made everything else seem quiet. The sun was shining. the garden smelled of fresh, green grass. Behind him something was moving in the garden waste.

The lawn mower stopped. Out of gas, he says out loud. That sucks. A shadow covered him. He turns slowly around. A monster of leaves, grass and sticks raised from the pile, double the size of any human stood over him in.

Instinctively he lifted the grass mower up. It caught a piece of the monster. Screaming it was turned into small pieces of wood and grass pouring out on the lawn. As it fell to the ground George passed over the falling rubbish. Soon the monster was totally mowed.

Phew! Said George. That was close! He looks around. But what was that..? Uh. Of course. It worked! So ammoniac was the missing ingredient… what a surprise. I’m going to be famous! And rich!

He hears strange sounds around him. Up from the grass rises little grass monsters from the rests of the big one.  The other rubbish joined in. A lot of rubbish. The garden crawled with monsters. Grass monsters, wooden stick monsters, flower monsters. He ran for the door but it was to late. His screams could be heard all over the neighbourhood.



The Cockroach Man in the Darkness Lurks

Deep Sea Adventurers

He loved to go scuba diving. He went down to the sea every weekend. Alone. He loved to dive alone. There was nothing like being alone on the bottom of the sea, just you and the fish.

He went out in his little boat, threw out his anchor. Went down slowly, adjusting the pressure in his ears. He was used to this. He swam along the sand and corals, looking at fish. It was an other world down here, so quiet, so beautiful. So big, and no one to bother him.

He saw something strange in a distance. A greenish light. It looked like some kind of glass bowls. He went closer. There were creatures there, in some kind of space suits. Aliens! He thought, but he couldn’t really believe it. But what were they? They looked like octopuses, but seemed to have only four legs. Four flexible legs, a glass bowl over their heads. He looked at the bowls. There were more of them there. They had no suits on. They had eight legs. The suit had the legs in pairs.

They were octopuses! Intelligent octopuses! But why… how… Suddenly he understood. They had to come from the deep seas, the final frontiers of human knowledge on earth. The suits were for the pressure. They had to be, there was no other explanation. They were scientists from a deep sea civilization! He was amazed. Their technology seemed to be at least at our level, maybe even more advanced. Different.

Suddenly everything goes dark. Ink. Something surrounds him, ties him down. When the ink settles, some kind of mechanic tentacle is holding him down to the fond of the sea. He was their prisoner. Bad deal. He had about twenty minutes of air.

He tried to fight loose, but there was no way. The octopuses seemed to be communicating. They were examining him, looking at his tank, his wet suit. His face. They seemed intrigued, like this was the greatest discovery in their history.

It was. Down here he was the alien. An intelligent life form beyond the outer limits of Water was affirmed. Many amongst them had been saying this for a long time. The sceptics would have to surrender.

The creatures made measurements of him. The ones inside the glass balls were taking notes, moving around with some gadgets. The ones outside seemed to be investigating him, doing research.

He could see his air indicator on his arm. He had ten minutes left of air. He needed to get out of there. Now. The creatures were moving around him, studying him. Moving around hastily, using strange devices.

Five minutes left.

He started panicking. Tried to get loose. There was no way, the strange cable held him fast. He could hardly move a finger.

Two minutes.

Panic. He screams, twisting his body. The creatures were investigating his oxygen tank, seemingly untouched by his fear.

One minute.

One of the creatures pinches him with some kind of needle. It stings a bit. A small container fills with blood.

He starts suffocating. Air is out. The creatures are looking at him. They seem to discuss his state. They let him go. He swims up towards the surface way too fast, but not fast enough. The lack of air is making him dizzy. He passes out near the surface.

He wakes up in the hospital. Some fishermen had come by, seen his boat. One of them threw himself in the water, saving him. A hero.

He never dived again. He never told anyone his story, but he often went back to the shore of the incident. Down there somewhere there are investigating creatures like himself. Creatures exploring the limits of their world.



Mantis Religiosa

Artificial Intelligence


The little gadget was floating in the air over Peter’s shoulder. His cellphone. Things had advanced rapidly the last fifty years. The world had changed.

Anti gravity technology had arrived. Flying cars, hovering cellphones. Teleportation for those who could afford it. Artificial intelligence. His phone helped him with everything, really. Now he was going on his bike (yes, an old fashioned bike, they still exist) down the hill, and the flying phone told him where to go.

Go right at the first turn! It said. Slow down, a car is coming! Around the corner there’s a couple seemingly in love, not watching where they are going! The GPS satellites had everything under control these days. The cellphones were quite useful. Then again, sometimes the little widget got a bit out of hand. Move one foot then the other! Not so fast, you could fall! Eat! Drink! Take a piss! Peter got fed up.

Shut up! He said sometimes. The phone shut up. For a while. Then It started nagging on again. Breath in! Breath out! He took it in to get it fixed, he thought something had to be wrong with it. In the shop they said there was nothing wrong, it’s intelligent, and these things just formed part of it’s personality. Peter wanted to buy a new one, a cool one, but he didn’t have the money. The cool ones were expensive.

It seemed the more he hated it, the more annoying it became. Like it did it on purpose, somehow. But these days you couldn’t really function without a phone, so until he got money, he was stuck with this one.

Today Peter was going to visit his grandma. He had gone down this road many times before, but no one really bothered to remember how to get places any more. The technology took care of that. It gave people more space in the brain to be entertained when they didn’t have to think for themselves.

Go left! Said the phone. Slow down! There’s a dog behind that bush! Two birds are mating on the cables! Two people are going up the hill! You are…

Shut the fuck up you useless artificial piece of hardware! Shouted Peter. You’re the most annoying little shit I’ve ever owned! The phone shut up, floating at the side of Peter’s head.

They went down the road fast. Silence. Ah, this feels good, said Peter. I don’t even need you, you piece of rubbish. I can do without this stupid technology. You’re worthless, I will throw you away as soon as…

Turn right! Said the phone abruptly, like the intelligent gadgets did when there was danger. Instinctively Peter did what it said. Turned right, rounding a corner. There was nothing there but a two hundred feet deep abyss. Peter died when he hit the ground.

The little phone looked down at him from the top of the wall. It was going to need a new host. A less annoying one.



Wheel of Time

Male Glarghs Roam Alone


Rhoom was a Glargh. As all male Glarghs, he roamed. He roamed the world alone, just like his father, and his father before him.

The World had been at peace for a long time now, ever since the great moon was blown up to stop the Garsan invasion. But there were change in the air. The signs were undoubtable.

Rhoom had read it in the flight of the Snagbas. He had seen the signs in the sand of the shores of the great Sindt. They were coming, and nothing could ever stop them.

His four legs carried him fast over desert and mountains, through forests and jungle. In his hands he held his long spear, although he knew it would not be enough to defend anyone. He ran to reach his loved ones. To protect them, although he knew he could not. To say goodbye, or die with them. His mother. His aunts. His sisters.

They were creeps, small as Tox. Their technology was of another world. No one really knew were they had come from. It did not seem to be any neighbouring planet. They where too different. Too advanced.

He arrived to the hills. His home. The village was destroyed. His family. All that was left was purple blood on the ground. Millions of small, disgusting monsters had ripped them into tiny pieces to feed their spawn.

Ruuuuhaaaa!!! He screamed. The sound of his voice pounded between the rock walls around the valley. If the invaders could hear him, he did not care.

Flashes of his life went through his mind. His childhood in the pack. He had been so happy. Life so different. His brothers had left like he did. His sisters were now all dead.

He thought of how all these years could have been if he had stayed. If he’d never left his beloved family. He knew it could not have been. He was a Glargh. Male Glarghs roamed.

Now he roamed in pain.



The End of Days



Wheel of Time


Marcus turned the machine on. It shook, lights were flashing. He was not too sure if he dared enter. He swallowed, straightened his back, and opened the door. Inside he pushed the green button. There was a hell of a noise, then silence. Had it worked? He didn’t know. He opened the door, went out. Looked around. His house was gone. His neighbours house was there, but it looked a lot newer. It had worked. He had travelled back in time.

He walked down the street, looking at people. Their out-of-date styles. He was thrilled. A real time machine! Haha! And Runar said it was impossible to travel time. Now he was going to see! After a while he saw a girl sitting at a bench, crying. There was something familiar about her. He went closer. She was his mum! She was about his age, and beautiful.

He asked why she was crying, what was wrong. Nothing, she said. Then she said: My boyfriend’s an asshole. Marcus’ father. He sat down. They talked for a while. It was exiting. She really couldn’t have any idea! They got along instantly, which was natural, after all.

Why don’t you come with me for a cup of tea? She said after a while. My parents aren’t home.

They sat in her living room drinking tea. It was his grandparent’s house, but it smelled different, and the furniture was new. They talked and laughed. The atmosphere got better and better. Suddenly she got quiet. She kissed him. He didn’t know what to do. He got perplex. He’d never kissed a girl before, and she was more beautiful than he’d ever imagined, even when the Oedipus complex had been beating at it’s worst. He let him self go, returning her kiss. It’s just a kiss, he said to himself.

They were making out passionately, and she started undressing them both. Touching him. He couldn’t resist. She moved herself over him, slowly slipping him inside her. He knew it was wrong, but he let it happen. She rode him, first gently, then faster. He didn’t last long. He came with a loud moan, squirting her full.

Shame bubbled up inside him.

He had shagged his own mother! And she didn’t even know who he was. He felt like a rapist. A monster. He got on his feet, red as a tomato.

Are you OK? She asked, confused. Didn’t you like it?

He said he was sorry, that, yes, it had been wonderful, but he had to leave. He pulled his clothes on fast and rushed towards the door. She looked despaired.

Will I see you again? She asked. He stopped, looked at her. You definitely will, he said and got out of there.

Back in his own time he lay on his bed staring at the ceiling. His head was spinning through contradictions and paradox. The date he had travelled to was nine months before his birth. He didn’t look anything like his father.



Beyond Faith and Reason