Dark Matter

Dark Matter

Johnny woke up feeling light today. He went out, and everyone seemed to jump down the street, several meter in each jump. He was jumping, too.

Down town the sea level had entered the streets. Some people was going around in the streets with their canoe. He saw colleague Ronald.

Hey, Ronald! He shouted. Ronald saw him, came closer. What’s happening?

The office is under water. There’s no way we’re going to work today.

Why? what’s happened?

No one seem to know, said Ronald. The sea level is just… higher.

Dark matter… I can’t believe it! George was looking at the calculations on the screen.

You better! Said Martin. The calculations was clear, there was no doubt. Gravity is lowered by 50 percent, tides are rising. There’s an invisible field of gravity just outside of earth’s atmosphere… It’s getting closer.

Astonishing! George was thrilled.

When the stain comes close enough it will crash into earth, said Martin with a worried look. It’s the end of the world.

George was jumping up and down in excitement. And we’re here to see it!

Johnny was looking out of the window. Things were leaving ground. Small things at first. Leaves, newspaper, rubbish. Then sticks. Trash cans.

Just when he saw his neighbour coming home in his car, he felt his feet leaving the floor. Mr. Jacobson tried to get out, but he started floating in the air. He held on to his car, screaming for help. No one could help him. In the sky less fortunate people could be seen falling away from earth. The car started floating in the air, falling upwards.

Johnny was standing in the ceiling of his house. It was making strange sounds. It was giving in.

This is it, he thought. Now I’m going to die. The end of the world had come.

Look! Said George. It seems to swallow everything that gets in it’s way. Where do you think it’s going?

Wow, I have no idea, said Marty. He’d already forgotten to worry about the end of the world thing. This was exiting.

The moon, he said with a voice of morbid intrigue. It’s going straight into it.

The tow scientists were watching their screens in silence as the moon came crashing into the stain. A spectacular explosion of another world was seen over earth.

Johnny fell down from the roof. His neighbour to the ground. Other people were falling from high altitudes, yet others got cars and trucks falling in their heads. There was millions of casualties around the globe.

The impact had neutralized the dark matter stain, but the moon was gone forever.



A Destructive Solution

Under Ground

Under Ground

Soundtrack: Edvard Grieg: Dovregubbens Hall

You are walking in the forest. Listening to the sound of birds, eating some blueberries every once in a while. The sun is shining and two squirrels are playing in the trees. Or fighting. You don’t know, and you don’t care. This is perfect.

Your foot falls through the ground. There’s some kind of hole underneath. You try to pull your foot up, but it’s stuck. You hear strange sounds from down there. Like someone is laughing, but their not really voices, either. Strange, squeaking sounds.

Whatever it is holding on to your foot stats pulling. You try to get loose, but there’s no way. You start screaming. Help! Heeeelp! You know there’s no one around. You are pulled under.

You fall into a cave. A dark, smelly cave, moisty. There are sounds around you. Like something moving. Crawling. Laughing. Your eyes slowly adapt to the darkness.

There are creatures there. Hundreds of them. Small, disgusting monsters. Sharp, pointed teeth sticking out of their mouths. They look evil. They are surrounding you, watching you.

What do you want? You ask. Your voice sounds shaking. They laugh. You know what they want. They want to eat you. One of them jumps closer. Stops for a moment, judging you. It bites your leg. You scream as his sharp teeth sink into your flesh. You kick it in reflex. It flies into the wall and falls lifeless to the ground.

Some gather around the dead creature. Then they look at you. They scream. Angry. Aggressive. They charge.

You kick one. Another. One jumps, you punch it. They fly into the walls. Their heads split. Their backs break. They are many. All screaming. Beady eyes shining with desire for murder. Still their quite slow. Clumsy. Fragile.

You grab one by it’s foot and start hitting it’s companions with him. Kicking away others. Little monsters are flying between the walls, bouncing, dying. You’re starting to like it. You’re in control.

A massacre. The few still alive starts running away.

No, you don’t! You say and kick a couple more as they try to get into their small tunnels.

Yeah! That’s it, disgusting little creatures. You suck! I rock! Hahahaha!

You hear a strange rumbling sound from one of the bigger tunnels. The earth trembles. The sound comes closer. You back away. The creatures are laughing again.

A beast comes out of the tunnel. It’s face is similar to the others, but it’s less humanoid. More beast. It screams. Roars. Runs towards you. You still have the dead little weapon creature in your hand. You smash it in the big one’s face. It starts whining and runs back into the tunnel it came from.

You climb up, out of the cave. You don’t want to wait around for more of them, although it has been fun. You bring a dead one, no one is going to believe you if you don’t.


Bed Time Story



Johnny and the rest of the crew on MS Olive Oil was stranded on a rock in the sea, they had been for years. Five men, no escape.

Johnny had found a cave underneath the island. The sea entered from an underground tunnel, and was a hiding place for fish and shrimps. He brought a net to catch some.

On a rock in the water he saw a creature. A mermaid, like in the fairy tales. She was sitting there, singing. He was fascinated. She was the most beautiful creature he’d ever seen. She had a fish’ lower body, but her upper part was… Perfect.

He caught her. Threw the net over her, pulled her up on shore. She was naked, her beautiful tits were firm and soft. Her face. She was gorgeous. He hadn’t seen a woman in years, and never one this beautiful. He lost control. He raped her. Then he let her go.

The next night day the Sirens came. An army of males and females, armed with tripods, spears and swords.

One, a big, muscular one with a crown on his head seemed to be their leader. The beautiful siren was by his side. Lust of revenge could be seen in their eyes.

One of you has raped my daughter, said the King in the sailors’ tongue. I want him. Deliver him to me, or you will all die.

The sailors looked at each other. Johnny looked down in shame.

You stupid son of a bitch! Said captain Monty. What the fuck have you gotten us into?

You raped… a fish? Said Marco. How’s that even possible?

Monty looked at the army of sirens in front of the island. They were many. This was their reign.

Get the fuck off this island! Said Monty. I’m not going to die because you’re a pervert.

Out there..? said Johnny. I can’t go out there. They’ll kill me.

Better you than us, asshole, said Marco. Get the fuck off the island.

They threw him into the sea. He was pulled under water. The sirens left.

That night the crew was sitting around the rock they used as a table. They were eating grilled cod.

He raped a fish, said Marco, looking at his plate. Fucking pervert.

Bob was looking out of the window. She was quite a fish, though, he said after a while. Not that I’m into the whole rape thing and such, but she was quite a fish.

Monty said nothing. They had been on the island for a long time now. A long, long time.



Lake Fear



A meteor had fallen from the sky in central Siberia. The explosion had been tremendous. They isolated the area in fear of radiation or other kind of contamination. Physiological contamination. They had never dreamed of this.

Colours were seen in the sky. At first they were thought to be northern lights, but they moved differently, had more shape. They seemed… Conscious, somehow. There were some kind of darkness in them.

A group of scientists was sent in. Raskolnikov lead the crew. They went in on a military vehicle, accompanied by soldiers. Major Rasputin led the excursion.

They left in the morning, it was high spring, and there were flowers everywhere. The sun was shining.

As they came closer to the impact area the sky started to darken in a strange way. Not like clouds or anything else covered for the sun, but more as if it was becoming nighttime. The sun was still as high on the sky as it should be this far north, but it became more and more pale, and the stars started showing. The colours started dancing in the the air high above them. The further in they went, the lower the colours, and soon they were flying around the truck like ghosts.

Do you think their alien lifeforms? Said Boris.

I don’t know, answered Raskolnikov. They don’t seem material.

The forms had faces, and they were looking at them through the truck window. Floating around them. They looked like they were asking for something, no, begging. Begging for help.

Alien ghosts, said Boris, more to himself than to anyone else. Is that even possible?

They arrived at the crater. The sight was spectacular. Never before had Raskolnikov seen anything like it. Spirits flying around in chaos and harmony. Moans of pain could be heard. Raskolnikov went out of the truck. He was to amazed to be careful. Boris tried to stop him, but he started walking into the crater.

As he went further the spirits were surrounding him, caressing him, whispering into his ear sound which could be some kind of language. Something was calling for him. There, in the darkness in front of him a transparent, abstract creature was sitting. It’s face was twisted in a strange way, pain, horror and bottomless suffering was shining. It spoke to Raskolnikov.

We destroyed our planet. When there was nothing else to eat, we ate each other. We kept the meat living, cutting off piece by piece. Our planet was suffering so deeply, so indescribably that the dead could not rest. The suffering was only getting more and more horrible.

A group of our race found a solution. Euthanasia. They destroyed the whole planet, blew it up from within. This piece has been flying through space for a long, long time, longer than you can ever imagine. Now we are here, and we are still suffering. Now you will suffer with us.

The spirits surrounded him, started scratching his skin, his bones. He started running towards the truck. He heard gunshots. Screams. Silence. The ghosts were ripping his skin to pieces. He did not die. Agony. Pain became everything.

It still is.

His souls is still floating around in the crater waiting for the next unfortunate creature wander into the trap to be destroyed as he once was.

The area stayed a no go zone. Anyone who entered was never seen again.



His Grandpa’s Cabin

Abominable Snowman

Abominable Snowman

Something came moving out from behind the rocks. It walked on two legs, like a human, but it was bigger. Hairy.

Look! Said Ernst. What is that?

A Monster! Shoot it!

They were on an expedition sent out by Heinrich Himmler himself. High up in the Himalayas they were looking for signs of early aryan civilization, proof of the superiority of the race. It was summer, but still freezing. Today a cold wind had risen. They were up at almost seven thousand meters. It seemed a bit silly to be looking for the rests of civilization up here, but if it was what Himmler wanted, it was what Himmler wanted. And they better not get back empty handed. He had a disgust for failure.

They were going in between some rocks to find shelter, when they saw the creature.

The wind made it hard to see. It came out from the rocks. Moving strangely. It was no human. A monster. They shot it. The sound of the gun echoed between the walls.

They went slowly closer to have a look. It was lying on the ground. It’s chest was red of blood. It had stopped pumping.

It looks like a bear. Said Ernst. Quite a blond bear, but still. A bear.

Nein. Said Bruno. It’s an abscheuliche Schneemensch. A horrible, dangerous Yeti.

It definitively looks like a bear, said Ernst.

No! An abominable  snowman, that’s what it is. No doubt about it. Der Fuhrer will be very happy.

It’s bear, Bruno. Look at it’s face. It’s a bear’s face.

Bruno stood looking at the bear for a while with his rifle in his hand. He lifted the rifle a bit. It went off in the animal’s face. The face splintered, blood, flesh and bone flew. The face was now a big hole.

The two men were quiet for a while, looking at the bear. Bruno looked at Ernst. Then back at the bear.

Definitively an abominable snowman, he said. Let’s bring it home.

Ernst said nothing. Anything would be better than coming home empty handed.



Deep Sea Adventurers

Full Moon

She was sitting on a bench in the park, looking up at the clear sky. The sun had just gone down, and in the opposite horizon a beautiful, big and full moon was rising. She felt relaxed and safe.

A howl was heard in a distance up in the forest. A dog? It didn’t really sound like a dog. It was more like some kind of wolf, but there was no wolves in this area. There was something strange about it, something dark. She shivered, got her purse and started to walk home.

The shadows flew by as he ran down the hill. The darkness felt good, the air in the hair on his cheeks, his shoulders. The moonlight through the trees. The smells. So many, so strong. He felt alive as never before. The moment. Everything was this moment.

She walked down the road, into the shortcut towards their house, a path through the forest. The moonlight filters through the higher parts of the trees, giving her a little bit of eyesight.

She hears the howl again.

A new smell is mixed with the smells of the forest. Rich. Intriguing. Beautiful. He licks his lips. He’s never smelled a smell like that. He stops for a moment. Sucking in pleasure through his nose. He howls again. A long howl of longing, of desire. Then he keeps running.

It was closer this time. Too close. What was it? It sounded almost human, like someone gone crazy, but it was too grave, too… wild. She started walking faster.

She could see the end of the path now, where she would be out in the street between the houses again. A shadow moved in the darkness between the trees. Fast. Too fast to be human. Something crossed the path behind her. She turned around. Nothing. She started running.

He sees her now. His prey. She’s running. A desire to hunt, to play. The smell is strong. The smell of fear. He wants her.

She reached the edge of the forest, ran out in the street. Kept running. There were some people a bit ahead. She was safe. She stops for a moment to catch her breath. Turns around. A beast comes out of the forest. Running half on two feet, halfly on all four. A wolf. A man. A monster.

She screams as he leaps towards her.

He sees the fear in her eyes. He lands over her, she falls to the ground. Helpless. Beautiful. He sinks his teeth into he neck. Her flesh. The iron taste as the blood goes down his throat. He howls to the moon. Four people are watching a block away. Shocked. Terrified.

Just the way he likes them.

Beauty and the Beast



Ronald came out of the cinema. There was something strange in the sky today. Small lights were dancing around, and they weren’t stars. Other people seemed to have noticed as well, everyone was looking up at the sky.

He went home, turned on the news. Alien invasion, they said. Creatures from outer space had arrived to visit earth. Presidents, kings and governments all over the world told people to stay calm.  There was no evidence the creatures meant us no harm. Never the less, there was no evidence on the contrary either.

The day after the clouds were hanging high, and one could see the little spaceships. They were about the size of a little house, but they seemed even smaller. Lots of people were studying them with different kinds of binoculars. They came in pairs, and there were reports on encounters in important capitals around the globe.

Later that afternoon they came down towards the ground. Every military force on earth were put in alert. No one really knew what could happen. If they had come all this way their weapons were probably a lot more advanced than ours. War could be our doom, still the debate on whether or not we should attack first was everywhere.

The spaceships landed. The world held it’s breath. The most important moment in history was upon us. Religious leaders preached, some of doom, others of the second coming. Most of them told people to stay calm. Some fanatics wanted to destroy them all.

Ronald had taken the bus into town to see the landing. His astonishment and curiosity was stronger than his fear, but he didn’t want to go too close either. There were soldiers surrounding the ship. It didn’t seem like a good idea to Ronald, but no one would listen to him. A door opened in the vehicle.

A creature was seen in the door. It’s body were moving in strange ways, like some kind of contradictory solid liquid. It’s colour was strange, grey and changing. It raised one of it’s strange, formless arms. We come in peace, it said. We have knowledge that can get your world back on track. Technology that can solve all your….

The officer in charge lifted his hand. Said a command. A gunshot was fired. 

Liquid came out of the bullet hole in the creature. Red liquid, almost like our own blood. It fell to the spaceship floor. The door closed and the spacecraft disappeared in thin air. All of them did. They were never seen again.

In Galaxy M81 the spaceships returned home. Rombak the Spiritual Guide greeted them honourably. So, how did it go? He said.

You were right, answered Groomgnat the excursion leader a bit ashamed. Humans suck.



Monsters from space

Beauty and the Beast


She’s out looking for flowers when she finds the old castle. She’s never seen it before, and is intrigued. It’s half in ruins but parts are still standing. It’s very different from anything she’s ever seen. Tall halls, columns, beautiful art and sculptures.

She walks into the path between the fortress and the castle. Entered the big door to the living chambers. She had never seen anything like this. It must have been even more beautiful than her father’s castle once, and her father was king of the country.

Astonished she walks into the hall. It seems to be taken care of, somehow. The floor is clean, and there’s a cloth on the table. Does someone live here? She asks herself moving further into the room.

She hears someone coming. She hides between the barrels. Someone comes in. A shadow on the floor. Something huge, to big to be human.

He comes into sight. Or it. A monster. Hairy. Big. He has only pants on, his strong upper body is healthy, hairy. There is something about him. His monstrous aspect. His beastly, yet sensual way to move.

He walks into the room. Over to the big throne. He stops. Sniffs the air for a moment. He turns abruptly and stares right at her.

For a moment their eyes is locked in deep connection. There’s something behind the crazy animal stare. Something human. Soft. In one leap he catches her. His arms are strong, yet gentle. His smell is strong, but pleasant. She looks at him. His eyes has wonder in them. Her fear fades. His grip is soft. She can get loose if she wants, but she stays there. She has one hand on his chest. She can feel his heart beat. Fast. Strong. Persistent. She moves her fingers a bit.

He seems amazed by her forms, her curves. She likes his beastly attention. It turns her on. His eyes moves from her face to her body. His hands starts exploring her. She lets him go on. His hands are all over her. She forgets everything, lets herself go with lust and ecstasy. Her dress comes off. She wants him to see her. Smell her. Taste her. A moment she thinks about her father. If he’d seen her now, naked with this… creature. If his people had known. He would die. She loves it.

The beast’s member pushes against the textile of his pants. One of her hands is stroking it. It’s hard. Big. Too big, but she wants to see it. She pulls down his pants. An enormous cock comes out. She touches it, strokes it. Kisses it. He becomes a lamb in her hands. She’s naked with him. The beast.

Her lust and desire are mixed with fear. If he rapes her she will burst. She looks at his face. His eyes. She does not think he will. He picks her up. Starts touching her with his big hands. He turns her around. Starts kissing her neck. Her shoulder. He turns her again. She lets him control her. She’s his. His big mouth covers her breast completely. Kisses her stomach. His tongue up her ties, reaching her most intimate parts. She moans. Her back bends in a perfect curve. She has never felt a tongue like this. Big. Rough, yet soft. It enters, touches her deepest depths. She comes. Moaning. Screaming. They both are.

She moves down under him. His cock is almost as big as her. She holds both her arms around it. It rubs towards her face, her breast… her cunt. She comes again as his sperm pours out all over her. Her tits. Her face. It tastes good. Wild. Savage.

They lie on the rug, both exhausted. She’s stroking him, caressing him. She feels strange. Dirty, yet good. Complete somehow. They fall asleep.

She wakes up in his arms. A part of her has been hoping he’d turn into a prince or something. He was still the same. She kisses his lips. He makes a sound of pleasure and keeps sleeping. She leaves.

Running down the slope towards the city she knows she will be back. He might be a monster, his dick too big, but with a tongue like that, who cares.



Cold is a State of Mind


Books in Times of Darkness


The lighthouse shows way for lost sailors. The wind pulls the stone walls, threatening to tear them apart. He knows it won’t. These walls have held storms for a hundred years. This storm was harder, though. Much harder. The sea was higher than he’d ever seen it. The wind stronger. The thunder rumbled louder.

A flash. A loud crack. He looked up. Out of the window looking over the sea. There was no light.

He put down his book, took his little lamp and went out to the stairs. The tall walls were making threatening noises. The pharo tower was built for hard weather. He walked up the many stairs. He looked around in the light of his lamp, tried to find the failure. He remembered a book about evil lurking in the shadows.

He was not afraid.

Outside of the lamp room a cable had loosened. He could hear the sea slamming wildly onto the rocks underneath. The wind made the tower wave. He opened the door. He was sucked out. Grabbed the edge when his feet left the ground. He got back in and closed the door.

He found a rope. Tied it around his waist. The other end he tied to the railing. He opened the door again, went out. The wind pulled him, tore him. He moved along the wall. Held on to the fence. He fell once. Got up. Fell again. He remembered a book about adventures in high mountains. Explorers crossing bottomless abysses and cold wind.

He was not afraid.

He got the heavy cable. Something raised from the sea behind him. Something big. He could see a light in the darkness, over the sea, floating high up in the air. He got the cable in. Pulled the lever. Light. He saw a monster. A snake. A dragon. A fishlike head covered in shells. Gills. Nostrils. Six arms on it’s body.

He remembered a tale of lost sailors. A tale of darkness in the sea. Of creatures from the deep of the oceans, cosmic monsters from dimensions of evil.

He was afraid.

The wind got him. He fell. The rope straitened. Above him stood the monster. Enormous like a mountain. Terror from the deep.

He thought he heard laughter. An evil, rolling laughter in the storm. He grabbed the rope, pulled himself up. Got to the door. He slammed the door behind him.

He ran down the stairs. The roars of the monster echoed between the rocks. He remembered a book about old gods and sea monsters. He was afraid. He sunk down in a corner. Hopefully the storm would soon be over.



The Strange Nest


The Cockroach Man in the Darkness Lurks


Peter didn’t clean much. His house was always a mess, and his kitchen was disgusting. Every time he turned on the lights, the cockroaches crawled. Everywhere, running around on the floor looking for darkness. Moving away from him, towards him.

Today there was something different. Just when he turned on the lights something fled under the bench. Something else. He didn’t really see it, it was too fast, but it looked like an… arm? He wasn’t sure.

Has to me my imagination, Peter thought. Shrugged it off. No one would fit underneath the bench. The crack was just a couple of inches. He went into the living room, brushed the leftovers from dinner off the sofa, sat down and turned on the TV.

Later he went into the kitchen again. The lights was out. He would have to change the light bulb. He got a flash light and went over to the drawers. He could see the creeps fleeing the light from his torch as it moved around, hear the crunching sound of cockroaches under his feet.

He opened the drawers where the light bulbs were. There was an old sandwich there, he took it out and threw it on the floor. Kept looking.

Something grabbed his ankle. A hand. Frightened he moved the light down. A hand covered with cockroaches was holding on to him. The light made it pull back, still attached to his ankle. Peter fell, the torch bounced a few meters. Cockroaches everywhere. The hand pulled him under the bench, even though the crack was too small for him to go under. He held on to the edge. The hand kept pulling. Another hand grabbed his other leg. The cockroach man was too strong. He pulled him under and into the walls.

Peter was stuck between the walls. The cockroach man was lying over him, holding him tight with his arms. A gruesome face, parts of the skin eaten. Cockroaches coming out of his mouth and nose. Peter could not move at all. Cockroaches was nibbling his skin. Crawling over him, under him. Entering his nostrils, his ears, into his mouth as he screamed, spitting, coughing.

The cockroach man started sucking on his jaw. Peter tried to get loose but there was no way. He screamed and screamed, choking on cockroaches going down his throat. Soon the cockroach man had all his face in his mouth. He died, drowned in claustrophobic terror



The End of Days