Schrödinger’s Dog (Audio story)

Dog and cats. Aak fictionspawn

Fido’s owner takes him on a trip to the forest. He ties him to a tree and leaves him to die. A cat shows up. The cat splits into two. Then it disappears and appears another place.

You can listen to the story below, or you can read the original version here. The audio version can be found on my steemit-account.

Dog and cats. Aak fictionspawn

Dogs and cats

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  1. That was very sad. And a curious “solution” (inevitability). You capture emotion or mood or a moral sense quite well in your art, I knew I wasn’t going to like the story. But you “tell a good story.” Hopefully a deterent. Oh, my. I’m crying.


      1. I didn’t know that it happens a lot. The thought of it happening even some is, yes, the sad part. I like, though, your reading… especially when you say, “Hey, Cat.”

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