Together Forever

Watching the Sunset. Aak fictionspawn

The sun was going down, painting the sky in a thousand colours reflected in the beautiful landscape below. In the city streetlights were coming on, one by one as the shadow of the hills slowly crept through the quarters. They could see the fields where they played as children, the mountains. The ocean. The vast sea stretching out, seemingly with no end. She had always dreamt of the ocean, the unknown beyond the waves.

Maybe some day he would take her.

They had been sitting there for a long time now, just staring into eternity. Feeling the silence. Breathing. Existing.

Darkness arrived. Stars emerged in the sky. Night was falling. The elegant flight of the swifts were replaced by the mysterious movements of bats. The crickets broke the silence behind them.

They sat close together, just the two of them. He felt good. Relaxed. Being there with the girl he loved. Things had been hard, but it was over now. They had finally escaped.

Her head fell to one side. He lifted it up, placed it back on his shoulder. He didn’t care if she was dead anymore. He didn’t care about the smell. They were together.



  1. Having read multiple stories of yours, I anticipated the ending. Things were going so well that I got suspicious. Too good to be true…

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