Magic Worlds

Magic Worlds

He created worlds. Real worlds with people living amazing lives. Worlds with dragons and trolls, tribes and cities. His worlds formed part of his life. He formed part of his worlds.

Today he woke up, had his little morning brew. He felt strange. Different. His thoughts had no meaning.

That’s odd, he said to his cat. I feel no magic today.

His cat did not answer.

He looked out of the window. Outside was this world, a world he knew so well. He petted his cat on the head and went out.

He walked the long road down from his house. He walked into the forest, so full of life, so beautiful. Butterflies fluttering from flower to flower, birds singing in the trees. A squirrel was watching him.

Hello, little squirrel!

The squirrel didn’t answer. It hid behind the trunk.

He kept walking. Out of the forest, up the hills. A bird was sitting on a rock.

Hello, little bird, he said.

The bird flew away.

He walked further up, into the mountains. Up on the highest peak.

He could see it all. The mountains so wild and steep, the lakes far away. The city. He could feel it all the way up here, the pulsating lives of thousands of people, each one in the centre of their own story. He could see the forest below, and the desert in the south. Colours. Energy.


He started his walk back home. Another world was already taking form in his mind.

Uncountable Numbers


  1. A story of creativity, its loss and its revitalization. Nicely done. (Great image, your home must be covered with these things. Photograph?)

    I believe one of the variations of the multiverse is that for every world we imagine, a variant of this world, altered to resemble the one imagined, pops up. Boink! Whoops I did it again.

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    1. Thank you. The scene on the highest peak I changed in the last minute. Inicially he sat down on a rock, but since the bird was sitting on a rock as well, I didn’t want too much repetition. You’re right, it would be better to substitute it with something like “he stood” πŸ™‚


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