Dragon’s Breath

Dragon's Breath


After a long walk through forest clothed hills and mountains they arrived at the cave entrance. It was right where they had read in the Cave Adventurer Magazine, and half covered by bushes and other vegetation. They walked down a big tunnel, deep into the ground. A practically unexplored cave, for them to investigate.

They found a lake, a beautiful underground lake with a waterfall coming out of a tunnel in the wall. Huge columns was hanging from the roof, their flash lights revealed amazing colours on the walls. It was spectacular.

They went for a swim. The water was cold and refreshing, and probably drinkable though they did not dare to try. They got up, dried up and kept moving. The halls were getting bigger and bigger, the tunnels wider and the roof could hardly be seen.

Look! Said Ali. What a strange wall!

What is it? Mohammed lifted his hand, touched the shells in front of him. The shells were hard, there was something soft underneath, something organic.


Step aside! Ali was holding a rock.

No! Don’t…

Ali threw the rock. It bumped into the soft wall and fell down.

What did you do that for? Said Mohammed.

Just to see what happened, Ali laughed. You never kn…

The wall moved. A bit to one side, and a bit away from them.


A sound. A strange, deep roar from the deep of the cavern. The wall disappeared in the darkness.

I think we should probably get out of here… Said Mohammed.

A huge reptile-like head, bigger than a bus, bigger than a building appeared in the light from their torches. It was staring at them. Smoke was coming out of it’s nostrils. A dragon. A real, living dragon was looking straight at them. It looked angry.


They ran. Ran towards the tunnel they had come in through. Ali looked back. Light. Fire. The heat came closer. They could feel their skin burn, their hair curl. They ran out of the cave. Kept running until they couldn’t run any more.

They lay in the grass catching their breath. The earth started shaking. Smoke came up from the ground. In a huge explosion of rock and fire the dragon broke out through the mountain. It flew up in the air, made a loop. Turned towards them. Charged, spitting fire. Burned them both alive.

Then it flew off towards town.





      1. I know! You got me all messed up. You’ve written so much! I just started. You will definitely see me often, roaming your cave getting trapped in your web. Hopefully I won’t meet the same fate as some of your spawn.

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  1. Yeah. Don’t mess with dragons. Got it.

    Actually, at Gocomics.com, Jeff Weigel has created a comic strip called Dragon Girl you might find interesting.

    Of course, I’m also writing a dragon based series of stories at my blog for my young grandson. The most recent is “The Palace of Heaven, Part One” (I don’t want to put too many links here since that’ll cause my comment to be labeled as spam). Have a look.

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  2. This would be a great opening sequence for a movie, or a first chapter in a novel.

    I’m curious–any reason why the protagonists are Muslims?

    Minor suggestions:
    [forest-clothed] hills and mountains[,]
    Huge columns [were]
    no “the” before Cave Adventurer (if that is the official name of a magazine)
    Look! [said] Ali
    were hard[;] there (you need a semicolon or it is a comma splice)
    [its] nostrils. (it’s = it is)

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    1. Thanks for feedback.
      They’re two rich kids from Morocco, who got into cave exploring when they went backpacking after finishing their studies in Spain. They’re brothers, maybe even twins, but not identical. They’re not even that Muslim really, but they do come from an rather open minded Muslim family.

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  3. Hi,
    Thanks for finding my blog. How did you uncover it?
    I liked your story, short and gripping.
    Someone commented on small grammar points. Proofreading is so important.
    I’ll drop by again.

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