I wanted to publish a couple of my own stories before I reblogged this one, but I hit my head the other day, and am rather reduced. I need to rest, say the online doctors. I shouldn’t even read. So behold this impressive post from an amazing blog.

Paragraphs from the Book I'll never Write

Photo courtesy: Pinterest

All’s quiet now; the humming you hear is of silence, pure and omnipresent in its gentleness. Let it lull the body as a lover. Hush. Sigh. Sleep.

In a moment, not longer than a minute, fairies will rise, bright and bold, dancing in the glitter of falling dew, flying to greet the Sun.

A new day is upon us! bringing with it the urgency of light, billowing the bleeding darkness into the pinkening clouds.

Everything will be beautiful in the first light, before the brightness becomes a faded dull; a blurred moving mirage that hushes all color into white (white orange, white blue, white green.)

But the people are more alive then, the earth being nothing more than an object lurking in the eye’s corners. People! People make the day. The symphony of sounds harmonized just so that they lull and wear time’s love…

3pm. Another day…

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